DIVIN ! Expressing the sheer excellence of our Sauvignon Blanc instantaneously

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Divin Sauvignon Blanc 0.0% showing all the potential of this grape !

Sauvignon Blanc is the king of the Center – Val de Loire grape variety where it expresses its qualities in prestigious appellations such as in Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Menetou-Salon and in Touraine.

We are producers of wines from these appellations and DIVIN allows us to explore its new facets with innovative, alcohol-free or low-alcohol products.

It is a creative process in which our expert oenologists let their imagination run wild to reveal the incredible versatility of our favourite grape variety!

Professional craftsmanship

Produced with passion and vision !

When our grapes reach maturity, we hurry to pick them to make a delicious wine! Then our passionate experts taste, re-taste and re-taste until the magic formula is reached! Eureka! It’s divinely good!

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Growing magnificent grapes in the heart of the Loire is our passion! Our vines are planted on all types of soils, we love to experiment, taste, compare, test to obtain the most various (natural) aromas!


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