Bloody divine

Base Divin Seltzer


  • 6cl DIVIN
  • 2cl Vodka
  • 1cl Basilic MONIN sirup
  • 1cl Limon Rantcho MONIN sirup
  • 1cl tomato juice
  • Dried cherry tomato


  1. Take a tumbler glass
  2. Pour the ingredients in the glass, add a few ice cubes
  3. Stir with a spoon
  4. Finish by adding a dried tomato and some basil !
Preparation time
MONINSébastien, bartender at Monin

Sébastien discovers the world of bartending very young, which he quickly falls in love with. He therefore naturally turns to this field and discovers all it has to offer: a profession combining discovery, creativity and sharing at Monin!

The Bloody divine is a softer and refreshing vision of the bloody mary!

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